October 14 - 16, 2018    |   Detroit, MI
The world is so digitally connected, 
yet so spiritually disconnected.
...We can change that.
"Them" against "Us"

We live in a world which constantly tries to divide us, to pit us against one another. To make us feel like it is "them" against "us"
Well once a year 700+ peace loving people gather in Michigan to celebrate community, art, spirituality, individuality and global love. In the spirit of togetherness, all are welcome.

Who are we?

We are the people who love culture. 
Who love trying something new. 
Who love stepping outside of the box. 

We are the people who want to see more beauty in the world and are committed to making it a reality. 
We are the people who love unique, hand-made goods, and traditional items. 
We love people watching and learning about other ways of doing life. 
We love art.
We love color.
We love fashion.
We love experiences that open and push us to be our best selves.
We are curious souls. 

And we want the energy of being around positive people. 

Why culture?  
Why headwraps?
Because from Africa to China, from the runway to the temple, from the board room to the kitchen, headwraps are a global phenonemena used for fashion, cultural and spiritual reasons. 

For this reason, headwraps are a wonderful way to explore many cultures of the world. The Headwrap Expo is a vehicle to do so. 

Founded by anthropologist Zarinah El-Amin Naeem in 2013, The Headwrap Expo has grown into an eclectic space where people feel free to be themselves while learning about others.

This year, the one-day expo has been expanded to a full 3-day program with Day 1 being the community day and days 2-3 a powerful training experience for visionary women leaders called Globalize Your Mind.

Join people from across the United States and indeed internationally who love culture, art and travel. 

“The act of wrapping is like the building of courage, strength, spirituality, and love all at once. With each fold, tuck or pull of the cloth, you become beautifully-wrapped in a sense of inner strength and a higher purpose.” 
-Zarinah El-Amin Naeem,
What do our clothes say about us?
How do the clothes we wear affect our moods, our emotions and our spirituality?

How does religion and tradition mold us to look a certain way? 

The Headwrap Expo offers an insightful introduction to the exciting and dynamic world of fashion in relation to human behaviour and how it intersects with the way we do faith. 

How does fashion impact our daily lives?

I mean, why do many Sikhs wear turbans? 
Or why some Muslim women wear scarves and some don’t? 
Or wonder if Jewish women, Rastas or Christians wrap at all? 
Or do you just love the fashionable and comfortable nature of wrapping? 

If you are curious about intersection of fashion and faith, this is the event for you. 

Sunday is all about exposing yourself to new ideas, new sights and new sounds....it's a day for culture and love. 
 DAY 1 
 Sun. Oct 14 (open to public)
This year Zarinah and her team of headwrapologists will be leading roughly 90 minutes of concentrated tutorial time. 
Want to learn how to wrap?  Be sure to be there!
Are you someone who likes to shop for unique items? Well THE SOUQ - our artisan marketplace features 50 Small Businesses and Artisans from fashion to art to jewelry and service organizations. If you are looking to spend your money with wonderful people in the community on one-of-a-kind items, this is the place to find them! 
Get ready to be ooohing and ahhing! Over the span of 90 minutes, you'll have the opportunity to see some ways fabulous designers mix culture and faith with fashion to come up with unique and stunning designs for men and women. 

Side note, have your camera ready because it's an IG dream!
In addition to our main stage, we have powerful workshops led by cultural leaders who dive deep into the cultural meanings of headwrapping for their people.
And for the first time ever, we've expanded the expo to include a powerful convenion of visionary women leaders who want to explore how to take this love of culture, expansion and community growth further. 

Presenting .....
A powerful Transformative Convening of Visionary women leaders, entrepreneurs and peace builders
 DAYS 2-3
 Monday October 15 - Tuesday16th 

Are you a visionary woman yearning to use culture to nourish your soul, your life and your leadership? 

Join the founder of the Headwrap Expo, Zarinah El-Amin Naeem for a powerful transformational experience. 


Because frankly we are at a pivotal moment in society in which we realize that women's efforts, our work, our desires, our motivations, our lives are critical.

Our successful global evolution requires women professionals who think creatively, are empathetic to the views of others, conscious of their views, open to new ways of thinking, and who sense and forsee emerging trends. 

To accomplish this, you need a global mindset and an enthusiasm to embrace new challenges, diversity, and a measure of ambiguity. Simply being aware of "others" is not sufficient; it is the caliber of your global leadership that makes the difference.

Join us for a powerful 2-day transformative experience for women leaders, entrepreneurs and peace builders on using the power of global culture to uplevel your life, your work and your community. 

What to expect with Globalize Your Mind
 Learn Zarinah's 7 Exploratary Areas of the  Luminary Shapeshifter Formula (TM)
 which uses anthropology and global traditions to enhance women's yearning for living full, bold and fruitful lives.

It all begins with tuning in.....to you. It's funny, but you can't seriously think of making a global impact or doing really anything in the world without first getting in touch with yourself. If you are a sister who knows the world needs empathetic leaders who have a deep love and respect for humanity and you know you are here to play a role in that, you've got to consistently stretch your mind by having conversations, experiences and lots of newness coming to your life. But you've also got to tune in to what your thoughts and ways of being are right now. This is where we'll start.  

What exactly is culture? Culture is a term thrown around a lot and although we often think we are talking about the same thing, a deeper convo reveals that we usually aren't. Our "culture" enables us to stand out and belong simultaneously. Learn how to use this knowledge in your own evolution by identifying your own cultural boxes and how they are consciously, and sometimes unconsciously affecting your beliefs and behaviors as well as everyone around you. Learn why "culture shock" is a good thing for your leadership.

Who wants to live a life a fraud? Even if it's in small ways, not holding our true desires as valuable causes us spiritual and emotional harm. Instead, we aim to be truly authentic and honor our callings.

I believe there is a well of untapped potential inside of every human being. A knowledge of so much more than we can imagine. And thus, I believe you have the duty to truly go after your desires and dreams. So what do you want to see in the world? What do you want to see in your life? What are your true goals? Are they in alignment with your current work? How can you become more authentic in your being?

I don't mean the traditional sense of the word where you physically transform into something else. Instead, we shapeshift with our mind and conscious work to see the world through the experience of someone else. For when we do this, it deepens your compassion and allows us to have greater understanding. You know that Creation is filled with spirit beings, land spirits, little people, angels, and ancestors; and you know there are ways to travel into these realms through vision quests, storytelling, dreams, astral traveling, and shape-shifting. Through this practice, you'll find yourself more aware of multiple ways of being. This awareness positively transforms your life.

It's one thing to talk, and one thing to experience. I think you'll agree that new experiences open us up to new ideas and give us the ability to generate new solutions to problems in our life, business or community. We'll work to increase your cognitive flexibility, your mind's ability to jump between different ideas through a unique cultural experience, one that chances are you've never experienced before. It's about engagement, immersion and adaptation. 

You and both know it's not just about you. Everything you do as a luminary has a bigger purpose. Your training here at the Globalize Your Mind allows you to tap into your God given passions, your skills and inner desires. God gave them to you for a reason. Let's put them to good use.

Get Tickets by 9/15 And Be Entered in a drawing for prizes!
ou will be visiting Michigan during one of the most beautiful times of the year. Our October's are absolutely breathtaking with the fall colors. With Michigan's unpredictable weather (expect anywhere from 55 - 75degrees), it's the perfect landscape to practice flexibility, adaptability and to signify change and a rebirth. 

Known as the motor-city, Detroit is one of America's most powerful cities. It's an innovator, a force for growth and industrialization. It's a place where movements are born and grown and today, over 5 million people call Destination Detroit home. Despite what you may have heard, Southeast Michigan offers a diverse, economically attractive location with world-class arts, culture and recreation. From the energy of the Motor City to the comforts of nationally-ranked suburban communities, Detroit simply makes people feel welcome. 

 Our Metro-Detroit region offers the ability to have a world-class experience by visiting just about any type of religious, cultural or art center.

With Globalize Your Mind running from Sunday - Tuesday, take this opportunity to come in a bit early to explore the city. There's a reason Detroit is a hot spot for artists, cultural makers and even big firms. 

Go downtown to the Riverwalk, or if you dare, bring your passport and cross the bridge for a quick gaunt to Canada :)

They say Detroit is like the south and our hospitality can't be beat. We can't wait to host you!

Expo Location
Address: Ford Community & Performing Arts Center 15801 W. Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48126

Time: 12:00pm - 8:00pm (VIP Tutorials from 11:00am - 12:00pm)
Are you ready to take your life to the next level through a study of culture, adventure and travel?  Globalize Your Mind is a summit for women leaders, entrepreneurs and peace builders committed to enhancing their leadership skills and impact in the world. 

Separate Registration Required. 

The official hotel is the Edward Hotel and Convention Center.  Call (313) 592-3622 to reserve under our special discounted rate by September 20th.
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