The Headwrap Expo is the most prestigious and eclectic platform exploring the intersection of fashion and faith in America. The Expo has become the epicenter of multicultural fashion for the multicultural audience. We've been covered by NPR, The Detroit Free Press and a host of other media outlets who appreciate our devotion to building community peace through art.

Founded in 2013 by Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, a global transformational travel organizer for women leaders, author, anthropologist, and global presenter, The Headwrap Expo serves as a tool to build cultural love and community using art and interfaith traditions. As an avid head wrap wearer, Zarinah noticed how many people were curious about her dress yet very little knew about the many faiths, cultures and groups of people across the globe who also wear wraps. Zarinah remembers fond beginnings, “People would ask me how to tie my scarf so I began doing impromptu fashion shows in the ladies’ room.”

Those impromptu sessions led to Zarinah founding Beautifully Wrapped, an international, interfaith project that brings together people of all cultures and ethnicities to showcase the art form of headwrapping as a way to promote beauty, spiritual identity and holistic health and healing. Later, Zarinah published an annual calendar and began to conduct workshops across the nation and internationally on the Fashion, Tradition & Culture of Headwrapping. 
Later after studying the wrapping styles of Orthodox Jews, Christians, Sikhs and other Muslims, Zarinah decided to organize a large public event to bring all of these groups together. “What I found was that in America, many stereotypes, misconceptions and misunderstandings exist between various ethnic and religious groups because we are often very segregated. The expo allows us to interact, exchange ideas and get to know one another on a deeply, human level. It’s a place where you can ask all of those secret questions in safety” explains Zarinah.

Thus, the Headwrap Expo was born. Supported by a dynamic group of community members, volutneer, presenters and vendors, The Headwrap Expo is designed to be a family affair and is truly a day to remember. It's one of those events people talk about long after leaving.

In addtion to the Expo, Zarinah now takes women on international retreats to reconnect to their own passions, study other cultures and purchase items from global artisans.

To reach Zarinah, call 313-377-2857 or email us at info@headwrapexpo.com
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