–Elevate Your Brand at the #1 Interfaith Community Festival in the U.S.–

We look forward to having you as a vendor. 


Please READ FULLY and complete the vendor application here –>www.headwrapexpo.com/vendorapp

Please note, no profanity or lewd objects may be sold. This is a FAMILY, community event.

To complete your application, scroll to the bottom of this page to make your payment.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@headwrapexpo.com or call 313-377-2857.



Maximize visibility, increase ROI and meet face-to-face with over 500 potential life-long customers who love art, culture and community. In fact, 85% of attendees that attend the show, purchase from our exhibitors and those businesses who connect with them further, gain life-long customers.

Our attendees are coming to this show to have an experience that is UNIQUE and they are ready-to-buy from those who provide unique goods. They are coming to meet YOU.

Through our unique cross-promotion exhibitor agreement, you will be cross-promoting your participation at the expo along with 39 other businesses promoting the show along with you, increasing your reach exponentially.


Food vendors must have a licensed kitchen and provide a copy of the license upon registration. The venue will refuse any food vendors (outside of those who fall under the MI Cottage Law).

Food vendors will have no access to the kitchen or other facilities and must bring all items they require.


Designers have the opportunity to present 12-15 looks. Models are provided or you may bring your own.

Designers receive: Copies of All Photos, Opportunity to Address Audience, Models.  Feature in Program Booklet, Feature Online. Assisgned Headwrap Stylist

MUA provided at an extra cost.


It’s a party! It’s a conference! It’s an exhibit!

Whether attendees are interested in the history of headwrapping, or just want to do some funky shopping and watch the fashion shows, The Headwrap Expo is an event like no other.

At The Headwrap Expo, hundreds of people many wearing various types of fabulous headwraps, join together for one unforgettable, magical day of fashion, tradition and culture. Enjoy live performances, wrapping tutorials (male and female styles), cultural and historical workshops, interfaith panel discussions, an artisan marketplace, and lots of love. Plus, every hour on the hour, 13 models will take to the runway to showcase the work of a dynamic emerging international designer.

Since 2013, we’ve been gathering together to laugh, learn, and collectively create a once-in-a-lifetime type of experience to talk about for ages.