2017 Headwrap Expo
Schedule & Overview

*Subject to Change
12:30PM DOORS OPEN – First 30 people get a headwrap. Performance by Alvorda in Lobby Ballroom
All Day Exhibit Participation for More than A Headwrap with Syed Yaqeen and Aysha Jamali Hallway
1:00PM Welcome; More than a Headwrap: The Cultural Psychology of Headwrapping by founder Zarinah El-Amin & Announcing Winner of $250 in Wraps! Ballroom
1:45 PM Prayer
2:00 PM Global Art of Headwrapping Fashion Show – G. Cheairs Collection; Family African Market; Katherine Cross Design with performances by MGT Drill Team and Sham Al Adieh Band (Syrian Band) Ballroom
2:00 PM Headwrap Tutorials (Women Only) Wet Rooms
3:00 PM Turbans among Muslims: Giving life to a practice of Prophet Muhammad Club Room 1
3:00 PM History & Significance of the Gele (Head-tie) in the African/African-American culture Studio A
3:00 PM The Business of Headwrapping Wet Rooms
3:50 PM WORLD’S BIGGEST HEADWRAP SELFIE! Come help us capture this momentous occasion by being a part of the biggest Headwrap selfie ever! Ballroom
4:00 PM More than a Hobby: Your Key to a life of freedom, joy, community upliftment, and prosperity. (Keynote Presentation by Zarinah El-Amin Naeem)  Immediately following will be Profitable Hobby Strategy Sessions to Get Started Today Ballroom
4:00 PM Hats of Faith Book Reading & Children’s Activity (Ages 1-7) Parents must be present Club Room 1
4:55 PM Prayer
5:00 PM Profitable Hobby Strategy Sessions (Thinking about exploring the possibility of turning your hobby into a tool for personal and community prosperity, join this follow up to the Keynote presentation).  With Zarinah El-Amin Studio A
5:00 PM Interfaith Panel Discussion (Including Sikhs, Catholic, Muslim and Jew) Ballroom
5:00 PM Baby Wearing – How to tie your baby and be comfy! Wet Rooms
5:00 PM Signing the Skin – African Body Adornment Club Room 1
6:00 PM Headwrapping & Judaism Studio A
6:00 PM Under the Wrap – Natural Hair Care Club Room 1
6:00 PM Headwrap Tutorials (Women Only) Wet Rooms
7:00 PM Global Art of Headwrapping Fashion Show with Kings & Queens Collections; AfroFunk; Alikram; Unique Designz by Anisa with Appearances by NIMAT & Sikh Brothers Ballroom
7:00 PM Headwrap Tutorials (Women Only) Wet Rooms
8:00 PM Global Pledge Ballroom
8-8:30 PM Scorpio Birthday Turn-up with Cake! Ballroom

Presentation & Entertainment Descriptions

Alvorada – Acoustic Brazilian, Jazz, Latin & Transglobal Soul Music – Chelsann Arts chelsannarts@gmail.com (12:30pm Lobby)


More than A Headwrap.
Head-wrapping is a trend that intersects both faith and fashion. The practice has been long used in cultural communities — hijabis wrap scarves around their head to conceal their hair and increase their modesty, some Sikh men wear turbans, and African women, at times, wrap their hair in order to signify they are on a spiritual journey. Regardless of the reason, culture, or religion, the practice has existed for centuries. What is the global significance of the headwrap? Learn more in this workshop by our founder, Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, as she walks you through headwrapping from various ethnic and religious groups. (1:00pm; Ballroom)


فرقة شام العدية   – Sham Al Adieh Band
Under the leadership of Imad Jazmati, a group of Syrian refugees got together to keep the traditional Syrian folklore and music alive in their new home (USA). Their uniforms are specially made and shipped from Syria and so are their instruments. Although they had to leave their beloved Homeland, it is important for them to keep their culture and traditions alive through the arts. (586) 447-2571 (During the 2:00pm fashion show; Ballroom)

The Detroit M.G.T & G.C.C. Drill team
Military Drill is such an intricate part of our culture, because it demands those who submit to empty themselves of personal initiatives; taking on the mission of Allah (God) which is the unity. Military Drill is an exercise that instills discipline. Viewers will see the mirroring images of formations and movements from all the team members, following one command because we strive to show how we represent one God with precise movements under the single commanding voice of a woman. (During the 2:00pm fashion show; Ballroom)


Turbans among Muslims: Giving life to a practice of Prophet Muhammad
Learn more about the practices, etiquettes and traditional virtues of wearing a Turban as understood as a spiritual practice of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  Workshop will include demonstration of how and why Naqhbandis wear a turban and a session of ZikrAllah- Divine Invocation.(Organized by Br. Kamau Ayubbi) (3:00pm; Club Room 1)

History and Significance of Gele (Head tie) in the African/African American Culture
The focus of the workshop is to provide historical background of the way that the Gele has transitioned through time. The history and significance of the gele will be traced from its African roots through the slave period in American history and its current significance in American culture”.(Princess Anne Besimen-Akinfenwa & Mrs. Carla Aleobua) (3:00pm; Studio A)


The Business of Headwrapping, by NebSa of Inspirit Arts Vendor Academy
Learn to give one-on-one head wrapping tutorials to increase profits while creating memorable shopping experience for your customers.  Headwrapping is an ideal add-on service for any hair fashion, health, fitness, beauty shop, salon or studio (3:00pm; Wet Rooms)


This will be a group picture like no other. We plan to bring EVERYONE to the ballroom for the world’s largest Headwrap selfie!  Wrap or not, join us as we capture the spirit of the event in this momentous picture. (3:50pm; Ballroom)

More than a Hobby. How to Uplift Your Self & Your Community Through Sharing Your Gifts  (Keynote Presentation)
One of the keys to having happy and whole communities is having happy and whole individuals. Many of us have talents and hobbies that if shared with the world could make a major impact. Perhaps you too have considered the possibility of sharing your gifts and talents in a larger way but have heard too many horror stories of the “starving artist.”

What if there was a different way? Luckily there is.  This workshop will share some of the secrets to creating a profitable and creative life using your talents. “I get asked all the time how I got started with Headwrapping and global explorations. I tell them I’m not special, I just believed in my talents and found a system to make my desired life happen!”

As a firm believer in economic freedom and financial stability being key for individual and collective success, founder Zarinah El-Amin will share how she was able to turn Headwrapping into something bigger than just a piece of cloth and how you can do the same with your talents. Explore the possibility that your hobby doesn’t have to be just a segment of your life, it can be the KEY to your life of freedom, joy and prosperity! Presented by Zarinah El-Amin, Lover of Profitable Creative Living and founder of The Headwrap Expo (4:00pm; Ballroom). Immediately following this presentation, join Zarinah in Studio A for an in-depth Q&A to dig deeper into the possibility of making this a reality in your life.


Hats of Faith Book Reading & Children’s Activity (Ages 1-7)
Hats of Faith is a beautifully illustrated children’s board book introducing readers to the shared custom of head covering. Meet the author Medeia Cohen for a reading and activity. Parents must be present (4:00pm; Studio A)

Creatively Profitable Part 2
In this follow-up session, Zarinah El-Amin goes deeper with participants who are considering exploring the possibility of being profitable with their hobbies. Led by Zarinah El-Amin, Lover of Creative Living and the founder of Beautifully Wrapped and the (5:00pm; Studio A)


Interfaith Panel Discussion
Headwrapping is a global phenomenon. In this panel discussion we talk to members of various faith traditions and learn more about the lived experience of headwrapping through their eyes.  Panelists include: Sr. Nancy Jomez, Madonna University; Mr Inderpal Singh, Michigan Gurdwara; Andrea Grinberg, Wrapunzel; Captain Missey Muhammad, MGT Nation of Islam (5:00pm; Ballroom)


Signing the Skin: Body Adornment and Identity in the African Diaspora (a presentation of MDUBA Associates and The African Body Adornment Project)
This lecture and workshop will focus on specific body adornment customs found in both indigenous and contemporary societies of the African diaspora. Guests will also understand, through discussion and hands on exercises, the relationship between identity and various types of adornment including the wearing of textiles, headpieces, and other items of material culture. Presented by Rozenia Johnson (5:00pm; Club Room 1)

Baby Wearing
– How to tie your baby and be comfy!
All around the world women (and men) wear their babies for bonding and transportation. Join Gretchen Balmer and Becca Morse as they teach you how to carry your baby comfortably.  (5:00pm; Wet Rooms)

Under the Wrap- Natural Hair Styling
Maintaining good hair care under the wrap is important. This natural hair workshop by Rachel will get you right! (6:00pm; Club Room 1)

Headwrapping and Judaism
Join Andrea Grinberg, founder of Wrapunzel, in a hands-on workshop teaching the basics of tichel tying: a Jewish style of wearing a head wrap, a worldwide phenomenon loved by those from every walk of life.  (6:00pm; Studio A)

Global Charge for Love
This event is about fostering what Zarinah calls A Global Culture of Love.  Our pledge:

We pledge as humans of the world, to love, honor and respect each other. We pledge to seek to understand before condemning. We seek to see and experience the beautiful cultures of the world so that we may not only get to know humanity, but get to know ourselves. We seek to spread love through our actions and our way of life. We seek to bring joy to all we do and to live authentic lives full of peace, joy and happiness.


NIMAT is a singer-songwriter whose rich, bold and soul filled sound, is comprised of powerful lyrics and rhythms derived from the gracious Qur’an. In an era when Islam is being scrutinized and criticized more than ever, NIMAT’s music is refreshing and timely.  www.nimat.net (7:00pm; Ballroom)


Join us for cake and song celebrating Scorpios and  birthdays of our founder, Zarinah El-Amin Naeem and her father, Abdullah El-Amin and husband Dr. Halim Naeem as they have a little turn-up and celebration of a successful event!  (Ballroom immediately following closing)