Fashion meets Faith

Dress is powerful. It communicates to the world more about our beliefs, our loves, our personality, our lives.  With cultural workshops, styling, one-of-a-kind creations, entertainment, and edutainment, the Headwrap Expo brings together thousands of people representing a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds all celebrating the global art of headwrapping.

It is one of the most colorful, cultural experiences of a lifetime.

Ever wondered why Sikhs wear turbans?  Or why some Muslims wear scarves but some don’t? Or wonder if Jewish women, Rastas or Christians wrap at all?  Or do you just love the fashionable and comfortable nature of wrapping?  Well the Headwrap Expo is THE place to get tips and learn about others too!  You do not have to be a wrapper to enjoy. Bring the entire family for a day of culture and love.

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Cool video from one of our past partners.

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From fashion to faith, we have you covered.




      7 designers will take to the runway showcasing over 90 “modestly” fly looks for men, women and children


        Adornment, Color Energy, Spirituality of Dress

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          The Headwrap Expo attracts people from across the United States and indeed internationally who love culture, art and travel. Founded in 2013 by Beautifully Wrapped, an international, interfaith organization that brings together people of all cultures and ethnicities to showcase the art form of headwrapping as a way to promote beauty, spiritual identity and holistic health and healing – the expo has reached thousands of people since inception. Built on strong values of togetherness, we endeavor to inspire, enlighten, and empower women of all walks of life through education, publications, media, and fashion.

          “The act of wrapping is like the building of courage, strength, spirituality, and love all at once. With each fold, tuck or pull of the cloth, you become beautifully-wrapped in a sense of inner strength and a higher purpose.” – Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, Founder

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          Adults: $20.00
          Online Advance: $15.00
          Youth (5-12): $5.00
          Children Under 5 FREE with Paying Adult
          Group: (10 or more; Advance Only) $12.00 each

          $15 Discount Tickets will also be available at the following stores in Detroit:

          Djenne Beads & Arts  (Greektown)
          Address: 1045 Beaubien St, Detroit, MI 48226
          Phone: (313) 965-6620

          Sterose International Boutique (West Side)
          Address: 13313 McNichols Rd W, Detroit, MI 48235
          Phone: (313) 341-9446


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          • Ford Community & Performing Arts Center 15801 W. Michigan Ave Dearborn, MI 48126
          • 313-377-2857
          • 1:00pm - 8:00pm